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About the founder:

Hey everyone!

I'm So excited you would like to hear my story!

My name is Raz, and I'm a 27 years old entrepreneur and graphic designer from Israel.

Since I remember myself I wanted to be an entrepreneur and my journey into this world started when I was only 17 years old, selling stuff I found around the house on eBay.

Later when I was 21 year old I was deeply influenced by the books "rich dad poor dad", "the monk that sold his Ferrari" and "The secret", Then it was when I decided I want to create my own business and add value to the world and to people lives, it was also when my love for positive and inspiring quotes started.

While I was in the university, studding for my B.A in Business and marketing I tried to develop a number of businesses such as importing antiperspirant products, selling collectible knifes and even starting my own bakery.

Although I put a lot of thought and time for each of those projects, none of them succeeded, for a verity of reasons, but I think the most important one was that I wasn't passionate enough about those bussinesses.

With this huge drive to be my own boss, inspired from great quotes telling me to live my dream I kept on going, more focused on building a business then on what it will be about

But on April 2015 it all clicked.

While I was browsing on Pinterest for more great quotes to inspire my day I found a quote that by clicking him I was redirected to the quote printable listing on Etsy.

With a little research I saw that the seller is selling a lot of those simple printable versions of black typography quotes on white background and even have many great reviews! People loved it!

And then it hits me!

I learned graphic design, I can definitely create similar designs, I will be dealing with the quotes I love, I will be motivating myself in the process and  I will even get to create a products that will inspire and motivate others to achieve their goals and dreams.

On May 2015 I open my Etsy store and I'm selling inspiring and motivating typographic designs since then.

Along the way I collected some great high quality manufacturers that helped me sell my designs on my etsy and eBay store not only as pintables, but also as physical posters and pillow covers, expending my reach and offering a verity of products to my costumers.

Time  passed and I learned more about Calligraphy & Typography, and the more I learned the more I was exposed to  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G artists from all over the world (far better than I am to be honest) That didn't have any online store to sell their art!

Then I decided to find a way to offer my manufacturers and my knowledge in selling lettering artworks for those who still didn't find a way to do so.

This is how DiffernType was created, a platform for Calligraphy and typography artist to earn money from their art and inspire others in the process.

The customer get an inspiring artwork from a real artist and the artist gets a platform to monetize the time he's spending on doing what he loves most.

Who asked for an awesome Win Win situation and didn't get one? ;)

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my Story!

If you have any question you are more than welcome to contact me personally at:


Phone: +972502704422

Skype: raz--naim